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Obey Mistress visit The Fetish Palace, Australia's & Adelaide's ULTIMATE Fetish destination.

9 professional dungeons, catering for fantasies, kink and filth. We have one of Australia's top Dominatrix, all you need is a fantasy or your imagination! Dare to live out your dreams!

Fetish Palace

Located in Adelaide CBD on Light Square, South Australia.

Operating hours 930am till 7pm Monday to Saturday. Open till Midnight Friday and Saturday nights.

Latest News

Flogging Workshop 16 Jan 2016

Xtreme Darque Play party 20th Feb 2016

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$150 - 30 mins

$200 - 45 mins

$250 - 60 mins

$450 - 2 hours

Xtreme Darque Events

The Fetish Palace contains 9 themed rooms, all designed by Mistress Gabrielle to amplify the physical atmosphere of your body and bring your fantasy to life in a session. it is rare for pictures of Our dungeons to be shown, as they cannot do justice to the physical effect that they have on the mind & body, when immersed in session.

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